WakeSurf Boards for Sale in South Africa

Are you looking for Wakesurf Boards for Sale in South Africa? Wakealot.com has a wide range for you to choose from including top brands like Airhead Watersports, Jobe WaterSports, OBrien Watersports and Ronix Wake Sports.

Choosing a Wakesurf board for Sale:

Picking a wakesurf board that is right for you is a simple task if you follow the following guidelines. Wakesurfing remains the fastest-growing segment in all of the watersports, which means there are more options than ever when it comes to wakesurf boards. With all these different styles and shapes, you might be wondering where to even start when choosing your Wakesurf Board. The first step is determining what kind of surfing you like to do most. Do you prefer to sit deep in the pocket and carve and slash the waves, or are you more concerned with doing all different kinds of tricks with your wakesurf board? Another factor to take into consideration when choosing a board is your height and weight, along with what size wave you plan to ride regularly. Lastly, will only you use this Wakesurf board, or will it be shared with your friends and family when you are all out in the boat?

Wakealot.com can highly recommend the following Wakesurf Boards for Sale:

The Ronix Wakeskate - Electric Collective features the consistent pop and speed of a hybrid rocker line. With a built-in kicktail and Ronix s Moderately Obese construction style, the Electric Collective Wakeskate offers a solid, heavy set feel that provides a more controlled feel both in the air and upon landings.

A convex top deck compression moulded to aggressive base channels in the tip and tail makes the O'Brien Wakesurfer - Maha 53" (2017) nimble and easy to control when riding regular or switch. It is a classic Fish Tail design gets its increased drive from a little extra tail width, making the board perfect for beginners and intermediate riders to ride all over the wave.

If you are looking for Wakesurf Boards for Sale, See below and order online today at Wakealot.com for the best services and prices in South Africa.

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  4. Jobe Exceed Wakeskate
  5. Jobe Wakesurf Board - Fade
  6. Ronix Wakeskate - Hoverboard
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