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Are you looking for Wakeboards or Wakeboarding Gear for Sale? Wakealot.com has a wide range of wakeboarding Gear including Wakeboards, Wakeboard Bindings, Wakeboard and Harnesses and Wakeboard Bags for you to choose from.

A Wakeboard is a small, thin board with shoe-like bindings mounted on top of the board for your feet. The board shape is usually rectangular.

Wakeboarding Gear that you will need:

  • Wetsuit – wetsuits are generally a must for any water sports. If you are going wakeboarding with cooler climates go for a thicker wetsuit with long sleeve arms and legs. If you are wakeboarding in tropical temperatures, go for a short sleeve wetsuit.
  • Impact vest – will keep you up floated and keep you protected when hitting the waters at a high speed.
  • Helmet – a helmet designed for Wakeboarding is very important to have which helps prevent water streaming down your face and into your eyes while you are wakeboarding.
  • Wakeboard & Bindings – for beginners you are best to go for a deal that includes the wakeboard and the bindings for a lower price than having to buy them separately.

If you are looking for Wakeboards and Wakeboarding Gear for Sale, See below and order online today at Wakealot.com for the best services and prices in South Africa.

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  1. O'Brien Sprite 124 Wakeboard
  2. O'Brien Pixel 137 Wakeboard
  3. O'Brien Format 137 Wakeboard
  4. O'Brien System 124 Wakeboard
  5. Jobe Knox 143 Wakeboard
  6. Jobe Knox 139 Wakeboard
  7. Airhead Spike Wakeboard
    Out of stock
  8. O'Brien Platform Trainers
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